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Studio Catinca Tilea is a multidisciplinary design studio that seeks to keep design relevant in an ever-changing world, be it through product and interior design, installations, research, retail strategy, or styling. Besides carrying out design work, the studio also provides coaching and consultancy services for both corporate and social organisations.

The studio’s driving philosophy is that design could and should be available to everybody. That’s why the studio seeks to engage audiences as (conscious) participants in the creative process. Design can fulfil an educative and conflict resilient role, helping people to better understand the world around them. Through this Studio Catinca Tilea seeks to stimulate a dialogue between different participants in society, reshaping collective behaviour for the better.

Topics that the studio looks at with pleasure include environmental challenges, sustainability, online information flows, social cohesion and integration, art and science etc.


Educated in product design as well as in interior architecture and retail design, Catinca Tilea doesn't limit herself to a single discipline. Her work experience varies from teaching product and interior design at the National University of Fine Arts in Bucharest to collaborating as an interior architect with Rotterdam-based architecture firm ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]. In 2012 Tilea founded her own design studio, operating under the name Studio Catinca Tilea. Throughout the years Tilea has been active in Europe and overseas. The concept for the product ‘MyTime’ was showcased in New York, her interactive installation #1minuteLamp has recently been exhibited at the Ikea Museum in Sweden, and her graphic design work as well as her writings about design have been featured in various international publications.