preview buzzer

front preview


Intercom outlet (interior end)

Commissioned by: private client. Rotterdam 

Recycling, upcycling and reusing material or components has long been one of the things that brings sparkles into my eyes. Where most people see dirt I see a new chance to dig in.

BUZZ-ME-IN is one of those things that started as an old school, telephone-like outlet and ended up into a new apartment buzzer. Playing on the idea of dematerialized aesthetics, the intention was to leave the decades-old components completely in sight and integrate everything into one board. BUZZ-ME-IN connects the street doorbell to the home by allowing you to interact with the headset, speaker and unlock command through two buttons: listen/speak by keeping one button pressed; unlock by touching the other button once. 

buzzer pre-assembly

buzzer pre-assembly; lid off

detail on unlock button

detail on the listen & speak button