example of possibilities. lights off

example of possibilities. lights on


3D printed, generative lamps (work in progress)


Named after Charlie Chaplin's film, the City Lights project is deeply rooted into my long-time experience in the architecture sector. A building is turned into a seemingly basic geometry when scaled down, especially when represented as context into a landscape. The basics of the City Lights are similar. Any building you'd love or know as iconic is turned into a small scale basic geometry object. Inside of it, a standard LED light piece makes it shine. When the lights are on, the intricate details of the facade shine through, while when the lights are off the object returns to its basic, block-like appearance. City Lights is meant to be produced by request as in the following scenario: you like a certain building; send a picture of it and its location; from there, we take care it will be turned into a lamp. While every City Light can take any shape, the LED component that powers it up is standardized. At the bottom of the object, a tiny pin allows you to use the lamp for either applications required: ceiling, wall, floor or table lighting. Moreover, more lamps can be connected on the same switch, which allows you to build fictional (or realistic) cities on different surfaces of your interior.


each lamp can be used as either ceiling, floor, wall or table lamp. lights off


each lamp can be used as either ceiling, floor, wall or table lamp. lights on