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This object combines a simple form of tensegrity systems with waste boards. In this version the disposed board used as top is a under-standard tree slice discarded from the industrial chain. It took a lot of fixing and polishing but it was worthwhile. The principle of the object however, is to provide the tensed-between-each-other legs and a set of steel joints that can be adapted into a table with almost any material as top. I always lived with the idea that people would recycle more if they would know it to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to do. So this object is meant to show that recycling something cancels the garbage attribute of whatever it is you're recycling, while at the same time providing a pleasing to the eye and durable result. The object is in this sense only developed halfway, the other half remaining to the imagination of the user.


DIY_table versions.jpg
add-any-top illustration

add-any-top illustration

DIY_table versions03.jpg