Dried HOW smells like cigars / by Catinca Tilea

HOW (household organic waste) is definitely an interesting material! And as we are trying all sorts of things with it, we are discovering new things every day.

So far we tried to experiment with a little bit of everything that HOW may contain: remains of products that are rich in carbohydrates, meat, fruit, veggies, remains of cooked food, you name it. We normally bring HOW to a dry state to work with it.

In the previous post I took you through the smells of our processes. Here's one more such sensory experience. Have you ever been to a tobacco farm? Because dry HOW feels a lot like tobacco leaves drying. But ok, say you've never visited a tobacco farm. Here's something closer to urban life: the touch, feel and smell of rolling tobacco. That's a bit what dry HOW feels like: fibery, just a tiny bit moist, and smelling like cigars in a box.