Currently exhibited at WORM Rotterdam

Developed in collaboration with: Filmwerkplaats & WORM Rotterdam

Video performance in collaboration with: Fanny Hagmeier (art direction), Flip Bleekrode (camera), Mihai Gui (film editing and sound), Alina Turdean (documentation)


This artwork seeks to visualize the passage of time. In the way we experience the physical world, we are not drawn to focus on the changes that time makes on our surroundings. It is only when these changes have happened that we notice them. “Time Said: Can You See Me?” suggests that this is a form of aggression that time inflicts on the physical world, an act of violence that we omit to register. The artwork accentuates this idea on the surface of a window. It documents the window's degradation when a very fast and a very slow process affect it.

In a performance act, the glass is hit with a hammer, splintering all over its surface in the fraction of a second. Next to this the piece is exposed to street and venue vibrations for one year time, continuing to splinter very slowly. None of these types of time changes in the structure of the artwork are directly perceivable for the human brain and eye.

“Time Said: Can You See Me?” is a reflective piece about destruction and preservation.